Thank you so much Dr Webber. It’s been so many years of pain in that part of my mouth and pure fear of feeling the sensation as my mouth is being drilled that I avoided visiting the dentist and getting any treatment. However, the experience was most positive - almost dozed off a few times in the chair - and Dr Webber was remarkable, with a wonderful personality and vibe. Thank you ever so much.
Dear Julian, I didn’t realise you had texted until I went to text you to thank you for yesterday. I had, as always with you, zero discomfort. You know I always have total confidence in you and this is totally justified. I described you as the Novak Djokovic of Endodontics to my partner Philip. I thought you might be flattered if I had said Harry Kane but you are better than that! It is a real pleasure to watch a true professional at work even though you were working on me. Thank you once again
Dear Dr. Lamb, I wanted to thank you for the care and skill that you took in saving my tooth over the last four months. Before I came to you, I was sure I would lose that tooth. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.
Dear Trevor, I am writing to say thank you so much for your treatment and to say how pleased I am you were recommended to me. My own dentist had wanted to delay treatment of my tooth. I realise now it wasn’t good advice and that if I had seen you all those months ago, you would have treated me immediately. If there is a problem, in the future, I feel 100% confident that you would do everything you could to save the tooth and that is so reassuring. Many thanks again
Dear Dr Webber, I am writing this note to you to place on record my thanks for the excellent treatment which I received at your clinic. My local dentist referred my case to you because I needed specialist root canal treatment on two of my two front teeth. The previous treatment, which had been carried out some years ago, was in danger of failing so I was very worried that I could be without two front teeth for the rest of my life. Not only am I very pleased with the outcome of the complex work which you carried out, but I also very much valued your policy of asking me to return for annual check-ups to monitor the re-growth of the bone tissue. Many thanks again for the quality of your technical skill during the initial work and for your personal concerns for my longer term welfare.
Dear Julian, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job which you performed the other day. You’ve totally sorted the problem once and for all. I really can’t thank you enough. You truly are a wizard. As previously discussed, I was wondering if you might be able to forward copies of the x-rays and report to my e-mail? Many thanks and kind regards
Dear Trevor, Just to say although you warned of pain following my treatment, I had none. Thank you for your talent and your care.
Dear Dr Lamb, It must have been a great challenge for you to do the work and I was most impressed with your expertise.
Dear Dr. Webber, Thanks so much. It’s a very pleasant surprise to get a follow up email and a personal call last night. I felt very at ease ( if that’s possible for me in a dental surgery) as soon as I met you. I felt instinctively that I was in very safe and expert hands and that proved to be the case, utterly. I really liked the whole setup and staff at your surgery and I'm very grateful to you and to Neil Stephen for recommending you so highly in the first place. The debt of gratitude that I feel owed to you for saving my molar is very large indeed and I’m sure it won’t be the last treatment I undergo in your highly skilled hands. For your information I felt some soreness and stiffness yesterday, not much at all though, and virtually nothing today. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you in the future. Yours sincerely,
Thank you for sending the treatment details regarding my 26. I had total confidence and trust in your skill and judgement so it was stress free for me and, if I ever need another RCT, I wouldn’t hesitate to come to you. The 26 is feeling good with only very minimal tenderness, but of course, I shall be very careful. Your expertise made my first personal endodontic experience easy and as pleasant as it can be. Many thanks. Yours sincerely,
Dear Julian, Thank you so much for looking after me so speedily and effectively. You’re right, it is a little sore but nothing like it was before and my headache’s finally gone which is such a relief! I’ll have to tell Phil what a comfortable couple of hours I enjoyed in your chair, again! I might take my own pillow in as I’ve got an hour and a half to enjoy with my head on his metal plated head rest!! Thank you again, and again… for taking me out of pain… I’m sorry I was a wimp but that dull relentless pain is lowering! I’m usually more matcho than that! With warm regards,
Dr. Lamb, I arrived back home in Seattle (pain free) and just wanted to thank you again. Your willingness to treat me late Sunday evening, and then again today was greatly appreciated. You are a world class Dentist and professional, with a ton of class. I’ll stay in touch as my trip approaches in January for a check-up, and as I said my wife and I would love to take you and your wife out to dinner. Until then, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. All my best,
Julian, A superb result. Many thanks for treating Ms Cooke with your very special skills.
Dear Dr Lamb, Many Thanks for looking after me so well yesterday afternoon. I was very impressed with your treatment and the thoroughness of your care and that of your staff. You explained everything to me very well and I am pleased to tell you that I woke up this morning completely free from any pain whatsoever and had my first decent night's sleep in two weeks. Everything seems to have settled down and I'm really impressed. Kind regards,
Hi Julian Thank you for letting me know about your christmas period service - that is excellent but of course the reason I always send patients to you and Trevor is because you are, by a considerable margin - the best! I must look into the wand as you are the first top person I have come across who recommends it. C.S has been touring the last three months - I expect I will see him in the first half of 2010 when hopefully he has more time. Thanks again.